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Birchall Street,
Birmingham B12 0RP

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Heart of England

    A Premium Beef Selection
    A Premium Pork Selection
    Gammon / Bacon
    Offals / Bones
    Sausage / Burgers

Heart of England Catering Butchers
Welcome to Heart of England Catering Butchers ( 2000 ) Limited

MBG ref Poultry
6002FR Free Range Whole Chicken
6002X Whole Chicken 
604D Chicken Crown
6077/8 Chicken Supreme 7/8oz Skin On
6078-7/8 Chicken Supreme 7/8oz Skin Off
6087/8 Chicken Fillet 7/8oz Skin On
6088-7/8 Chicken Fillet 7/8oz Skin Off
610 Inner Breast Fillet
IMP 6088 IMPORTED Fillet Skin Off
621 Diced Breast Meat
D50/50 Diced 50/50
620 Diced Leg Meat
6176 Boneless Thighs
624 Minced Chicken
619P Chicken Drumsticks
619F Chicken Drumsticks Flavoured
616 Chicken Legs
612 Chicken Wings 3jt
613 Chicken Wings 2jt mid&tip
MBG ref Speciality Chicken & Duck
6422X Maize Fed Chicken
6427 Maize fed Supremes
6402 Maize Fed Poussin
64026 Boneless Poussin
6402XFRZ Frozen Poussin
6423X Poulet De Bresse
60025 Smoked Chicken
6088S Smoked Chicken Breast
80885 Smoked Duck Breast
G8002X Gressingham Duck
G808 Gressingham Duck Breast
G816 Gressingham Duck Legs
8002X Whole Duck
808 Duck Breast
816 Duck Legs
833 Duck Fat
MBG  ref Turkey & Goose
6502 Whole Catering Stag 30lb+
65026 Whole Stag Boneless
654D Turkey Crown
656D Turkey Saddle
658D Turkey Butterfly
658 Single Lobe 
6588 Escalopes
858 Goose Breast

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